what do i purchase before moving into my new home?

What do I Purchase for my New Home After I Move In?

We always say that it takes up to a year to fully feel settled into your new home.  So, don’t stress or fret if you don’t have those family portraits hung the week after you move in. You may be asking, “well, what do I purchase for my new home after I move in?”

It takes time to really get to know your new space and to understand how it is going to function for you and your family.  There are definitely some common items that our customers always end up purchasing shortly after move in for their new homes, so purchasing any or all of these before you move in and getting them scheduled for installation can really help make your home feel warm and cozy for you and the kids and can help you feel more settled right away than you may be.


what do i purchase before moving into my new home?

Window Treatments:

Having a window treatment company out to the house 6 – 8 weeks before move in to measure for any blinds or plantation shutters is important. Being able to feel comfortable in your home, especially at night when the lights are on is essential. Plus, making sure you have something on the kid’s bedroom windows to ensure that they sleep well at night (and late into the morning) is clutch to help with those early days of moving and unpacking

We normally recommend Nest Expressions in Pine Township:

We have used them many times, most recently in our Woodland Trace community in Mars, PA and have been so happy with the product, installation and customer service.


what do i purchase before moving into my new home?

Decorative Seat Cushions:

This is definitely more personal preference, but many of our customers love to purchase protective seat cushions for our custom mudroom benches or for any decorative window seats in living spaces. Not only do they protect the beautiful woodwork that you have in your new home but they make a great decorative accent to those spaces. These can easily be measured out at the house weeks before move in so you can order them and have them ready to install the day you move in.  

what do i purchase before moving into my new home?
what do i purchase before moving into my new home?


Most of our customers opt to purchase framed mirrors for their bathroom vanity spaces. These are normally far less expensive than the wall to wall mirrors of the past and also help bring a cool accent into the room. Whether you are going for a more rustic retreat (opt for a barnwood mirror that you may find on Etsy) or a coastal vacation get away (thoughts on a porthole mirror?), you can really bring so much personality to the room just with the mirror selection you make.

Make sure the mirror fits the space. Measure from the countertop to the bottom of the light fixture (where the globes will hang down, if they are present), and from edge of the countertop to countertop. Pay attention to any outlets that are present.

Mirror shapes can be important too. In the model home in our Woodland Trace community in Mars, PA, we opted for a number of round mirrors from Pottery Barn and Wayfair to offset some of the more linear and straight lines in the bathrooms (the subway tile, the light fixtures). This definitely has a more modern farmhouse feel, which is a very popular trend right now.

These are just a few examples of what our customers commonly purchase right after they move in. There are many other items but making sure to secure these will truly help make your new house feel like a home.