Our Selection Process

We make the selection aspect of the building process a very easy and enjoyable experience. As a homeowner you are introduced to our user friendly, private online Customer Selection Portal for 24-hour access to the selections of your home.  There you can navigate numerous resources, contacts, and galleries that help you complete the vision of your home.

Once your home is underway our personal selection team takes over.  Using their decades of experience, they also pull from regional trends throughout the country, the latest online trends, and more, to help marry the finishes that will make up your home.  We provide this interior designer service as just another courtesy in our overall experience we provide to you.


Customers who build with Barrington Homes will be given a login account and introduced to our Customer Website, your 24 – hour access portal to Barrington Homes and the selections involved with your new custom home. From here, customers can view features that are included in their home as outlined in your building specs, contact vendors, schedule selection appointments, and complete your selection worksheet.



Our vendors and subcontractors that partner with Barrington Homes are another key component of the selection process. Many of our partners have been working with us for over a decade. They are all well versed in the product that we deliver and are aware of the high customer satisfaction standards that we expect to be met.

Finally, this familiarity enables our partners to offer you quick and concise answers to many, if not all of your questions, without having to verify or double check everything with our office. This saves you time and allows you spend more of it at your home enjoying and envisioning your new surroundings.