Lets stay in tonight... backyard havens by barrington homes PA

Lets Stay in Tonight… How to Love Your Home

Let’s Stay in Tonight.

Another Night In?

Yes, another night in. How to love your home even though everything is closed and we have no place else to go. COVID-19, the big topic for what feels like ages now, has taken control of our lives. While before, we had the freedom to go out when we wanted to do whatever we wanted. Now we are at a constant standstill. Getting used to being in our homes all the time. How do you love your home? Being stuck at home can’t be THAT bad…. right?

If you don’t love your home it could be. We used to view our homes as a comfortable place to go back to and relax. To take the time to unwind or have a lazy night. Now it is a place where you need to entertain yourself, find comfort there and it has to fit your needs.  So many people are now working or attending virtual school at home. This can create a pretty hectic household and if you’re all in the same space this can make getting just about anything done next to impossible.  How can you find that escape inside your home?

Lets stay in tonight... backyard havens by barrington homes PA

How to Love Your Home

This might be a simple fix!  It’s time to finish your basement to become a place for the kids to go while you are working on the first floor, or transition your formal dining room you use a few times a year to a virtual learning space or add a third-floor office space instead of having yours on the first floor where everything is already happening. 

We have helped many previous customers add these to their homes.  In new construction, we are seeing a resurgence in requests for third-floor and outdoor living spaces as these are extensions of the home and a great way to utilize the square footage efficiently.  With both working and now entertaining at home, having spaces dedicated to your needs is desired now more than ever. 

Lets stay in tonight... backyard havens by barrington homes PA
Lets stay in tonight... backyard havens by barrington homes PA

Well if I am spending all of this time at home, what is the most important thing to keep in mind?

First things first, if you’re spending all this time at home it’s probably best that you love your home. If you don’t absolutely love your home, maybe now is the time to start planning or thinking about building your dream home. 

When building your house, or thinking about it, you want to consider those extra spaces.  The first steps are always looking at the top of your wish list. When working with us, we always ask what your big wish list items are. This is where we start in order to design the floor plan for you that will most suit your needs. 

So, what is it you want? A two-story family room to add a bit of a wow factor or a one-story living room to utilize more square footage? Are you a cook or do you love to bake? Maybe your kitchen is your big focus and you are considering making it very large with the most high-tech appliances, or maybe you want it to be pretty to look at and you want a dirty pantry off of the kitchen where you will do most of your prep and cooking.  Do you want an indoor pool? We can plan around that too. Whatever the most important items are for you and your family in a home, we can make sure to include those items.   

The next steps would be to select an overall style for your home.  Because we are a true custom builder, you get to pick out what style you want: modern, contemporary, farmhouse, traditional, craftsman, etc.  If you’re not sure exactly what style you are looking for, we always suggest to start with Pinterest.  Here you can create a photo board with ideas for what you would like to see in your new home.  We also direct people to our photo gallery of homes on our website or to our Instagram page. We have an extensive number of photos of all of our homes over the last few years that showcase some really creative and interesting things that people have done.  Many people use these as inspiration also for their new home.

Lets stay in tonight... backyard havens by barrington homes PA

Why would I build a home versus buying one?

Have you ever had a dream home? Barrington Homes wants to provide that opportunity to those in the north hills of Pittsburgh. We will help you with where to build and what to put into your home, but ultimately you choose EVERYTHING. From the exterior to the cabinet hardware. The reason most people build their homes is because existing homes don’t fit their needs. This is why we want to make sure we get it all right. From quality, location to everything on your wish list, we want to help you build what you’ve been dreaming of. 

Lets stay in tonight... backyard havens by barrington homes PA

With everything going on, is now a good time to build a home?

Now may be the best time to build your new home!  People are spending more time than ever in their home working for their job or doing school work.  It is so important to love the space you are in and to have it function to suit your needs.  Right now, interest rates are at some of the lowest levels that they have been in years so if you’re looking to take the leap it might be a good time to do so.

If you’re wondering about the seasons, since it is getting colder, we are still building!  We work year-round. There’s no optimal time and sure, warmer months can help for exterior work, but our crews are out there every day working, even in 15-degree weather.

If you ask us, there’s no better time to start than now. Life is short you should love the place you’re spending all your time. Create your dream home that is different from every other place out there, show it off and create that labor of love. You should want to stay in tonight, tomorrow and every day from here on out. This is how to love your home.